Deck the Halls

Mix and match wood ornaments with coordinating die-cuts available in 6 different materials to create a stunning collection of custom ornaments!

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Make your holiday celebrations extra decorative with the Deck the Halls special! Featuring 3 styles of wood ornaments and coordinating die-cut ornaments in 6 different materials, this special offers the ultimate flexibility in creating your own custom decorations! Save 30% with the Deck the Halls Product Bundle, which includes ALL of the different ornament options!

Wood Stripe Ornaments (CC102320)
Black Paperboard Stripe Ornaments (CC102321)
Scarlet Glitter Paper Stripe Ornaments (CC102322)
Pine Glitter Paper Stripe Ornaments (CC102323)
Silver Glitter Paper Stripe Ornaments (CC102324)
Gold Glitter Paper Stripe Ornaments (CC102325)
Kraft Paper Stripe Ornaments (CC102326)
Wood Flourish Ornaments (CC102327)
Black Paperboard Flourish Ornaments (CC102328)
Scarlet Glitter Paper Flourish Ornaments (CC102329)
Pine Glitter Paper Flourish Ornaments (CC102330)
Silver Glitter Paper Flourish Ornaments (CC102331)
Gold Glitter Paper Flourish Ornaments (CC102332)
Kraft Paper Flourish Ornaments (CC102333)
Wood Star Ornaments (CC102334)
Black Paperboard Star Ornaments (CC102335)
Scarlet Glitter Paper Star Ornaments (CC102336)
Pine Glitter Paper Star Ornaments (CC102337)
Silver Glitter Paper Star Ornaments (CC102338)
Gold Glitter Paper Star Ornaments (CC102339)
Kraft Paper Star Ornaments (CC102340)
Deck the Halls Product Bundle (CC102341)

Offer available through December 31, 2023, while supplies last. Shipping assessed on full retail value of all items.